A school with excellence



MODERN ERA Higher Secondary School was established in2001 (2059) by the team of well experienced professional and dedicated teachers at Biratnagar- 3 Munalpath Shankharpur .Now it has its own attractive building located at Biratnagar 4 Morang Udaya Tole just three minutes walks from Oil Nigam Chowk away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This is an English medium co-educational institution where students earn knowledge, learn skills & understand about their potentialities and the world naturally i.e. learning by doing. Nearly 14 years of its wonderful performance has undoubtly made Modern Era secondary school as one of the foremost education institution in Biratnagar. Many students who have been trained within its wall have been leading their successful lives in their walks of their life. The inspiration derived from this outstanding success in managing the school, quite naturally has led us to start higher secondary level under management stream Specialized in travel & tourism . Hence, MODERN ERA Higher Secondary SCHOOL. Modern Era College set up under the aegis of Modern Era Education Network (MEEN) is affiliated to HSEB Nepal. The College imparts education in one streams management (Travel & Tourism and Computer Science) 2 level. It believes that the intellectual property and qualified citizenry are the bases upon which a nation can bank for her prosperity~ It has the vision for the country, parents and the new generation of Nepal to shoulder the process of nation building and social change through innovative and creative education. The term “Modern Era” derives its name from the five basic human values: truth, right conduct, Peace, Love and non-violence. In fact, these values are the essences of human spirituality. Hence, by instilling these values into the tender and developing minds of young students, the philosophy of ideal and true education can be practiced in real life. Modern Era discourages conventional approaches to teaching and embraces, pragmatic and productive method.


  • Provide students with high quality academic programs, training, research facilities and ample opportunities to develop entrepreneurship, leadership and communicative level.
  • To impart value added education.
  • To provide the environment for all round development of children.
  • Develop strong linkage with industries and business organizations to explore the areas of employment for Modern Era graduates.

Scholarship Scheme.

The school facilitates its students for the sound and regular studies by offering a number of scholarship to deserving ones besides annual fees on easy installment basis. Such scholarship is, by no means, a bribe. These are available to encourage to pursue and achieve more. Some of the scholarship schemes are as follows:

Merit Base Description
Admission-Tuition fee % % and above in the r
Admission % ()% in,school topper
Admission % ()% in the
Special (admission/tuition fee) Marginalized studies students
Prof. Dr. Medini Pd. Sharma Post Graduate Campus, Biratnagar
Prof. Dr. Khagendra Acharya Post Graduate Campus, Biratnagar
Dr. Som Pd. Khatiwada Associate Professor, P.G. Campus, Biratnagar
Dr. Tirtha Shrestha Associate Professor, Examination Controller - P.U.
Dr. Arjun Kumar Baral Associate Professor, P.G. Campus, Biratnagar
6. Mr. Hari Narayan Yadav Senator, Purwanchal University
Ram Kumar Shrestha Executive Charperson
Gopal Katuwal Director
Lila Ballav Adhikari Director
Durga Chapagain Director
Kumar Katuwal Director
Matrika Siwakoti Director
Sarad Chandra Kafle Director
Ramanath Bhattarai Program Chief
Gobinda Niroula ManagingDirector
Ram Prasad Ghimire Principal
Indra Kumar Rai ExecutiveDirector
Ramesh Nepal Co-Ordinator (Management)
Mohan Prasad Upadhyay Co-Ordinator (Education)
  • Exposed by proven (TU Topper) experienced and professional teacher both English and Nepali medium.
  • Scholarship for outstanding students.
  • Well ventilated classrooms along with spacious playground with lots of sports facilities and hygienic cafeteria.
  • Morning & day shift classes with special individual attention for needy students.
  • Provision of C.C. Camera for effective monitoring.
  • Weekly, monthly test along with terminal exam, re-exam and prompt feedback.
  • Democratic and friendly college environment with own luxurious transportation facilities throughout Morang & Sunsari districts.
  • Clean and purified drinking water with separate boys and girls hostel.
  • Strict adherence to discipline, punctuality and proper attire.
  • Well facilitated modern library with spacious reading room.
  • Academic and professional computer classes with unlimited e-mail and internet facilities.
  • Own luxurious modern building at prime & peaceful location of Biratnagar.
  • Fully effective classes by the use of multimedia equipment.
  • Regular medical checkup along with written prescription for serious illness.
  • Yearly, quarterly and monthly publications to promote students' creation.
  • Attendance of the students is recorded daily. 90% attendance is a must for appearing in the final examinations. But special provision can be granted to students with a prolonged illness. For this, a medical certificate must be produced before the student returns to school. Also, students must submit letters of absence to their class teacher before they resume their classes. The letter should clearly state the reason(s) for absence with signature of parents/guardians. Students who are absent for more than 15 consecutive days without information are subject to expulsion from the school.
  • Students must enter and leave the school on scheduled time.
  • No student will be allowed to enter the school compound without proper uniform.
  • Students will be entirely responsible for any damage caused to the property of the school.
  • No student will be allowed to be involved in any group activities in any around the institution.
  • Growing long hair (for boys only), wearing fancy watches, belts (except school belt), growing long nails, heavy cosmetics, ornaments, jewelry, fancy expensive items, and carrying walk-man, video games, pager, mobile phone and other gaudy items are strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to bring printed materials like periodical magazines, pictures, newspapers and non-textual books.
  • Insubordination or sexual misconduct will be sufficient reason for expulsion.
  • Students are expected to enter the school 10 minutes before the classes start.
  • Each and every student is informed not to go outside the school for whatever reasons during class time without permission.
  • No one can go outside the classroom without the permission of class teacher and subject teacher.
  • Students (both girls & boys) should not bleach their hair. Those with bleached hair will not be permitted to enter the school.
  • Any student showing any aggressive behavior towards any teachers will be expelled from the school.
  • Students reprimanded by the police for any criminal act will be expelled from the School.
  • Students found carrying weapons along with them will also be expelled from the School.
  • Students are not allowed to go to the cafeteria during class hours.
  • Students must not enter any public places of recreation e.g. theater, cinema, restaurant etc in school uniform.
  • Late-comers have to deposit their ID cards with the guard at the main gate and must collect them on the same day during their recess from the chief or authorized person.
  • In case of emergency, students can use the school telephone and parents/guardians, relatives and friends can also contact the students.
  • Except for parents and guardians, no other persons are allowed to meet the students during school hours.
  • Student must pass all the subjects of Grades XI of HSEB in four times from the year of admission.
  • Without convincing reasons, absentees during school days and terminal examination days will be charged Rs. 25 per day and Rs. 100 per subject respectively. The collected amount will be provided as scholarship for meritorious or disabled students.
  • In winter, students must wear the winter uniform.
Modern Era H.S.S. has its lower and upper ties i.e. Modern Era Secondary School and Applied College, Biratnagar. In near future, it will launch Plus Two Science under HSEB, training and vocational courses under CTEVT. The physical facilities will also be expanded. The ultimate aim is to be one of the leading educational institute in Biratnagar and Nepal for quality education.